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Alessandro Pasticceria

Cakes and Sweets for sale online, dessert biscuits cannoli cassata almond paste

Masters confectioners for over eighty years.

cannoli, cassat, biscotti di mandorla

Offerte della settimana

Mandorla biscuits package 0,5 Kg.

cannoli, cassata siciliana, biscotti di mandorla

Celebration Cakes

classic Cakes

Biscotti di mandorla

Cannoli and Dessert

Celebration Cakes

Arancini, pizze

Torte per matrimoni dolci tipicii
cannoli, cassat, biscotti di mandorla

The shop cakes and sweets Alessandro since 1997 creates cakes, bisciuts and sweets of the highest quality through the study of techniques Typical of the French and Swiss pastry together with Italian and Sicilian tradition.
We specialize in the sale of sweets online, cannoli with ricotta, cream and chocolate, sweet pistachio, almond cakes, desserts, Sicilian cassata, ricotta cakes, cookies, marzipan and sweets fruits, almond paste and pistachios, cakes, chocolate eggs and other typical celebration cakes

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